Amazing Cozumel Race

Sightseeing, scavenger hunt, adventure!



Sightseeing, scavenger hunt, adventure!



Approx. 4 hours total

Date & Times

Morning tour: 10.30am, Mon-Sat.
Afternoon tour: 1.30pm, Alternate Wed and Sat (contact us to confirm).


Adults $79 USD

Children (4-12 yrs) $55 USD

Infants (0-3 yrs) FREE

Age Limit


Language of Tour


It's a sightseeing tour...

It's a scavenger hunt...

It's an adventure game...

It's... all of the above and more!

We're proud to present...
the Amazing Cozumel Race!    

We are the first - and only - independent agency to offer this fun and unique way for the entire family to experience Cozumel.

This thrill-packed interactive, clue-based adventure game is also like a reality show, and brought to you by the same crazy bunch that created the Los Angeles Race Fantastique.

You can take part in teams of two to eight people and the challenge begins when everyone meets up at a mystery location downtown to receive the first of a series of devious clues.

Put your thinking caps on as the clue's solution leads to a second location and another clue, and so on.

If you want to get wet, bring your swimming gear too, as one of the clues is sure to lead at least one of your team on a brief snorkel adventure!

You’ll need your wits, your energy, and your willingness to have fun as you race the clock and each other in an attempt to be the first team to unlock the code and defeat an ancient "Mayan Curse".

The first team that successfully solves all the clues and crosses the finish line is crowned the proud winner of the Amazing Cozumel Race.

And the fun doesn't stop when the clues run out. The tour ends at a local eatery with an awards ceremony, where prizes are given for top finishers, and everyone is treated to snacks and beverages.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship and have any questions about transport or timing please contact us.

Passengers on Carnival ships can only book this tour through their cruise line.


English speaking instructions.

Snorkeling equipment.

Drinks at halfway point.

Snacks and drinks at finish line.

Optional discounted meal at finish line.

Not included:

Additional drinks at bars and souvenirs.

Optional gratuities.

What to Bring:

Biodegradable sunscreen, beach towels, bathing suit, camera, sun glasses and a big smile!

Players are advised to wear plenty of sunscreen.

Anyone wishing to enjoy the snorkeling portion should bring a towel and swimsuit (Amazing Cozumel Race staff can hold these items until they are needed).

Level of Activity: Moderate.

The tour is suitable for all ages, though young children and people with limited mobility may find it too strenuous.

At least one member per team must be able to swim in the ocean.

Meeting Point in Downtown Cozumel

Adults $79 USD

Children (4-12 yrs) $55 USD

Infants (0-3 yrs) FREE

Complete operator information, including directions and local telephone numbers at your destination, are included on your voucher.

The tour contract is with the operator, not This is Cozumel. All safety requirements and considerations are the responsibility of the operator.

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